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In this time and age, where more and more millennials are starting a new and a sustainable life. It is important to start with the basics. While most youngsters would stick to getting a takeaway or eating out, it is also imperative to understand its ill-effects on one’s health. You can only order so much from outside, which after a point of time, starts to get repetitive. And apart from that, Ghar ka Khana will always remain Ghar ka Khana.

For you to experiment with your culinary skills in your cozy abode, Big Bazaar brings together a comprehensive line of utensils, just for you. A top-of-the-line range of kitchen essentials, which you’d rarely find in any other utensils shop across India. From a variety of Spatulas to your immersion blenders, we have everything you require to complete your kitchen.

You may find your everyday kitchen tools and gadgets in your local utensils shop, but at Big Bazaar, we believe in making top-notch quality products, which look good and last a lifetime. Our belief also focuses on devoted customer satisfaction, so if you’re confused or in doubt, about the essentials you need for your kitchen, you can trust our representatives to present you with the right kitchen tools that suit your need.

All our utensils are safe, quality checked and as per the current trends in the food market, a promise on all our products, which you definitely wouldn’t get at any utensils shop. We make our product keeping in mind your style quotient of your home. Fitting to the theme of your décor. Our products have been manufactured and crafted over the years to perfection. We aim to create a utility where the most tedious tasks of kitchen could be managed with great ease, of course without making a mess of your kitchen table.

So, what are you waiting for? Come aboard your nearest Big Bazaar outlet and let us serve you the utility to an easier, better lifestyle. Ask for our customer service representative to assist you with the range of kitchen essentials.

Our Product

  • Pigeon Blackline Smart 3 Burner Gt Gas Stove
  • Prestige Gas Pipe Lpg Hose
  • Prestige Pic 16 Induction Cooktop
  • Silicone Hot Pads 6 In 1 Multi Purpose Kitchen Set
  • A-11 Coconut Scraper Delux
  • A-92 Oil Can
  • R-18 S S Lemon Squeezer 18/8 (304)
  • R-50 S. S. Chapati Tong 12
  • R-46 S. S. Roaster 8 Pipe Handle
  • R-143 Cheese Grater Pipe Handle Small
  • R-84 Beater Small
  • Gas Cylinder Trolley
  • Wb-8811 7pcs Knife Set
  • Multi Utility Knife
  • Ghee Pot 1
  • Pt Wooden Rawai (Beater To Churn Milk/Curd)
  • Pt Wooden Datta (Roti Press)
  • Bamboo Chopping Board
  • Pt Wooden Multi Spoon
  • Dl-Juice & Soup Strainers-02
  • Punjabi Belan Small (Rolling Pin)
  • Pt Wooden Spatula
  • Pt Wooden Polpat Small (Rolling Board)
  • Dl-Fixed Sieves-01
  • Wb-5106 Pp Handle Kitchen Scissors
  • Wb-5107 Kitchen Scissors
  • Wb-4514 Ice Cream Scoop
  • Spice Box
  • Egg Box New
  • Elite Container Set Of 6
  • Oil Dispenser
  • Rectangular Container Small Set Of 4
  • Reva Breakfast Set New
  • Set Of 2 - Regular Ice Cube Maker - Amso
  • Chivas Fridge Bottle
  • Fresco
  • Hot Meal Lunch Box
  • Ss Canister Set Of 3pcs
  • Thermosteel Duo 1000 Delux
  • Twisty 1050ml Set Of 3 Pink
  • Wb-9464 500ml Vaccum Sports Bottle
  • Wb-9447-Bl Cola Bottles 750ml